Why ATM's Are More Important In The Age Of Mobile Banking

Why ATM's Are More Important In The Age Of Mobile Banking

The modern era we're living in today has never been more convenient in terms of banking. While in the days of yore a person would have to visit their bank branch for nearly every transaction, transfers, check deposits, and bill payments are all done online and from the palm of one’s hand. New payment systems are popping up year after year, all with the main goal of making money management as easy and as convenient as absolutely possible.  

While the popularity of digital account interaction is growing in Jacksonville, FL, users still need a convenient way to convert their bank account numbers into cash. 

While banking has gone online, cash still has a very important place in the world, and the most convenient way to get cash in hand remains the ATM. The sheer convenience of visiting an ATM remains the main source of cash access even for those who do the entirety of their banking online.  

What Attracts Jacksonville Residents To ATMs 

In a 2017 study by Raddon Research, researchers set out to find the reason why mobile bank users are still so attracted to the convenience of the ATM. Some findings from the study include:

Simple convenience

The most prominent reason has to do with simple convenience. Those who use mobile banking typically do so for convenience, and this is the same reason why they seek out ATMs for getting cash in hand. Simply put, these people have a passion for convenience and this rings true whether they’re taking care of their accounts or accessing them from a local any time of day ATM.  

Little need to visit bank branches

Obtaining cash from an account through the bank requires certain hours to be adhered to, it requires visiting a certain physical location, and unless a person is already visiting their bank branch for some reason, a separate trip. In the old days, new services and features from bank branches were found out about through phone, email, or advertisement, all of which can now be found on banking apps and online sources. This means that there is little need to visit branches anymore, and little want to make a separate trip.  

Simplicity across all banking channels

Since account holders can now make use of new features or apply for new offerings online, they want the same type of simplicity across the board. Rather than waiting in line at a physical location, an ATM allows them to grab their cash and go – adhering to the kind of simplicity they’ve grown used to.  

All other banking needs taken care of on apps

With all other banking needs, like transfers and inquiries, taken care of on apps, many mobile account holders don’t make the trip to the bank anymore that makes in-person withdrawals a natural part of their day.  

Bring The ATM Where Jacksonville Residents Need It  

An ATM on the way is the most convenient option, and store owners can bring that convenience into their establishment. With an ATM present, potential customers are more likely to make certain establishments a regular stop as they go about their day. Contact the First Coast ATM to learn more about creating a convenient solution with an ATM.  

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