Why Your Convenience Store Needs An ATM

Why Your Convenience Store Needs An ATM

For today’s convenience stores, convenience is a top priority. When the word is in the name, it creates a certain expectation for customers, and when a customer steps foot inside of a convenience store, they’re expecting convenience from the top of the experience down. An ATM in the Jacksonville, FL area adds a new layer of convenience to your store, and provides a way for customers to get a one-stop shop for gas, snacks, drinks, and even some cash to take on the road. 

The specific benefits of having an ATM in your convenience store are numerous. For both customers and business owners, an ATM is an investment that only improves the convenience store experience. A few benefits of having an ATM in your Florida convenience store are:  

Gives Jacksonville customers what they need

A study performed by the Federal Reserve has shown that nearly 75% of consumers rely on ATMs as an everyday resource. What this means is that an ATM is a need that consumers actively search out to use, and when placed in a convenient location, they’re more likely to use a particular ATM over another.  

Customer generation

Because nearly ¾ of consumers actively seek out ATMs, the presence of one can bring in organic traffic and customer generation into your convenience store. With convenience stores commonly found on most corners and lining just about every busy road, the absence of an ATM can be viewed an invitation to choose the competition. Your ATM will bring customers in, retain current customers, and give foot traffic walking by a reason to come inside.  

Bring in outside customers

The presence of an ATM is also more likely to bring in outside customers. When a customer pulls up to pump gas on their way into work in the morning, they may use a credit or debit card and have no real plan to stop in and make a purchase. Seeing an ATM sign, however, can be just the draw to bring them inside and in front of the merchandise you sell. 

Convenient revenue generation

While an ATM is something of an investment, it’s not one that doesn’t work for its keep. If you own your ATM, the revenue stream of transaction fees is your own, with only a small portion typically needed for routine maintenance. When customers step into your convenience store for an easy way to access cash, they will also be paying you a portion for that convenience. 

Encourage spending in-store

A study has found that around 25% of the cash taken from ATMs is spent in the same location as the machine. This means that the presence of an ATM can encourage customers and prospective customers to spend more. 

A Convenient Situation 

The presence of an ATM in a Jacksonville, FL convenience store provides the comprehensive customer experience. Through generating foot traffic and encouraging spending, your ATM is a revenue generating machine that really works for any convenience store location.

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