Your Business And The Benefits Of An ATM

Your Business And The Benefits Of An ATM

Purchasing an ATM or ATM service is something of an investment, and it can leave business owners wondering if it’s something worthwhile in improving their business and their bottom line. The presence of an ATM not only benefits customers and potential customers, but business owners as well. With a full service ATM, business owners are like to see a variety of different simple to spot benefits very quickly.  

 The Easy Benefits Of An ATM At Your Business  

The presence of an ATM equally benefits business owners and customers in Jacksonville. Not only current customers, but prospective customers will be drawn to specific locations simply because a convenient ATM is located there. A few of the easy to spot benefits of having an ATM at your location are:  

Save on credit card fees 

Credit card fees are a cost business owner's pay for customer convenience. However, with an ATM present, it’s a cost they really may not need to incur. If an ATM is present in Jacksonville, swiping and transaction fees are taken care of by the consumer, and they’re far more likely to use cash over a credit card when the cash is right there for them to get in hand.  

Potential for increased sales  

Studies have shown that ATM users will often spend as much as 25% of them withdraw amount at the same store they have used the ATM in. This means that having an ATM within you store can work to generate leads and sales without having to lift a finger.  

Better customer retention  

Nothing feels better for a business owner than return customers. Having an ATM present, particularly for those who have your store on their day to day route in Jacksonville, will lead these same customers into your location time and time again. For convenience stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, this means making your location and your offerings a part of their everyday routine.  

New revenue flow  

Most customers expect some type of small surcharge associated with using the convenience of an ATM. While some of this revenue should be saved in order to cover maintenance costs, it’s certainly not all, and once the ATM pays for itself it will begin channeling in a whole new revenue stream.  

Organic foot traffic  

In urban and suburban areas, having an ATM inside can help to draw in new organic foot traffic into your store. Not only this, but once this new foot traffic discovers your location, they may even make it part of their regular route, or refer friends or other members of the community to your convenient ATM location as well.  

Benefits For Everyone  

Investing in an ATM is for the benefit of both the business person and the customer. The presence of an ATM provides a solution for drawing in foot traffic, generating new revenue streams, and easing up on credit card fees all at once, while also providing convenience to customers looking for the services only an ATM can provide. Contact the First Coast ATM for more about how investing in an ATM will serve as a solution for your business.  

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